Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 29, 2010

1st Soccer Game

On Tuesday had his first soccer game. I thought it was going to be cancelled due to the horrible winds but it wasnt too bad during the game so they were able to play. His first practice was so fun to watch. He was SO cute the entire time. The game was even cuter!! He did such a good job too! I was so proud!! He was so quick to go after the ball. The coach kept him in most of the game. He only took him out a couple times so he could get a drink and rest for a minute then put him right back in. He is the smallest but that didnt slow him down one bit. He did so amazing for never even seeing a soccer game ever. He has only seen basketball, baseball and football so before his 1st practice he had no idea what soccer was all about. He did know you kick the ball in soccer but thats it. He has caught on so good and I am such a proud mom!! After the game Kamrins parents, his sister, her fiance and his brother went with us out to dinner to Chilis to celebrate him doing so good in his very first soccer game. I cant believe my little Jaydan is big enough for preschool and now sports. It just doesnt seem possible. Seems like I was just becoming a first time mom with him. I love this little guy more them words and describe. I cant wait to watch his next practices and games! I smile the entire time!!

Isnt he such a stud????

Showing off his muscles

Maddie had to show off her muscles too

Practicing before the game

Practicing making a goal before the game

Playing his first soccer game!!

Making a wall to block the ball when the other team threw it in

Half time talk

Running his little heart out

Jaydan playing defense for a bit


brigette said...

So fun!! Isnt watching the little kids so cute!! Looks like he enjoyed it!!

Wall family said...

Cute little soccer dude!