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Our Family

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hammond Baby #3!!

Kamrin and I are SO VERY excited because we are expecting our 3rd baby!!! Hammond baby #3 is due November 22. 2010! So far this pregnancy has been fairly good. I have moments of nausea or have no appetite at all but other times I cant stop eating and crave certain things and cant get enough of it :-) Instead of morning sickness I get evening sickness. I have a really hard time eating dinner most of the time. If I go too long without eating I get very nauseous. So far my big cravings have been mexican food, pickles and cottage cheese used as dip for regular potato chips!! So far I think its a girl. Its exactly like my pregnancy with Maddie and nothing like my pregnancy with Jay. With Jay I had no nausea at all except when I ate too much lol. With Maddie it was off and on and mostly at dinner time. I didnt eat dinner at "dinner time" for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. Early pregnancy is always so scary for me. I have had many miscarriages so Im always afraid its going to happen again. This pregnancy I had a good feeling from the beginning that it would be okay but I didnt want to jinx myself and think it was all okay and have something happen. On April Fools I decided it would be fun to "announce" I was pregnant on Facebook because we werent ready to really announce and figured nobody would believe me anyways so I could get it out of my system since it was really hard holding the news in :-) I didnt think through the aftermath very well though. figured after April Fools if I didnt say anything else about it people would forget about it. Not so much! After many calls, texts and emails I decided I couldnt dodge it anymore. On Easter Kamrin and I sat our kids down and explained it to them. They both were really excited to know we were going to have a baby. I asked them if they wanted it to be a baby boy or baby girl and they both said a baby girl. A few weeks before then out of nowhere Jay came out of the play room and said "Mommy we are going to have a baby boy" This blew me away seens how we hadnt even mentioned the baby to them yet. I asked him how we were going to have a baby boy and he said "From a baby boy seed and we will put it in your tummy" I have no idea where he came up with that!! Anyways we decided it would be fun to let the kids announce the pregnancy to family. When we went to Kamrins parents I whispered in Maddies ear to go tell Hamma and Hampa that she was going to be a big sister. She goes up to them and says "We are having a baby boy" I have no idea where she got that from out of Im going to be a big sister LOL! She told everyone else that same thing. So they both call it baby boy yet both say they want a baby girl :-) I guess we will see soon enough.

There is not a "not" in front of it!!!

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Amy O'Neill said...

Congrats!! I saw your facebook and thought you were foolin'! :)