Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sick, Sick And Sick AGAIN!!

These last few weeks have NOT been good for us as far as illness goes. It started 3-4 weeks ago when Jaydan had a horrible cough, fever and kept saying his ear hurt. I took him in and sure enough he had an ear infection and wheezing lungs so they gave him a breathing treatment there and gave us a different inhaler to bring home. Everything seemed to be good but a couple days after his antibiotics were gone he woke up with his eye bright red. I figure it was allergies because we all that them at that time so I gave him benedryl and went to church. He started complaining after about half an hour of being there so I left Maddie with my mom and ran him home to Kamrin. When I was lifting him in the van the sun hit his eye and there was green goop coming out. LOVELY! I knew at that point it was not allergies but it was pink eye. I dropped him off at home and went back and waited for sacrament to end and went home to take him to the doctor. He gave us eye drops and let me just tell you what a chore it is trying to put eye drops in a 3 year olds eyes!! A day or 2 after that Maddie and I got it and started the drops right away so it didnt get bad at all.

With Maddie its really hard to tell sometimes when she is sick until it gets really bad. She started not sleeping good at all and wouldnt eat and thats how I knew something wasnt right. Then she started grabbing her ears and saying "My ear hurting me" I thought it might be that she had 2 of her 2 year old molars coming in at the same time and they were irritating her ears. The next day was really bad. I knew it was more so I called Kamrin and had him come home from work to take her in. Poor girl had a double ear infection so bad the doctor even cringed when she looked in her ears. I felt so bad. She had only been complaining for a couple days with an ear infection that bad! She has her daddy's pain tolerance for sure! So she gave her antibiotics, numbing drops and told us to drug her with pain meds every 4 hours for the next day or 2! Thats how bad it was!! When Kamrin and her were coming home they stopped and got us pizza. My kids eat ranch with EVERYTHING! After dinner I noticed her face was red and when I got closer there were huge hives on it. Her and Jaydan are both allergic to ranch. Not to eat it but when it touches their faces there skin doesnt like it at all. Neither of them had, had a problem with it for a while though. So within a 10 minute spam we had to give her antibiotics, childrens ibuprofen, numbing ear drops, still needed eye drops and now benedryl!! She was quite furious with us at that point!! 3-4 days after being on the meds she was still not acting right. Still tugging at her ears, not sleeping and not eating. We took her back in and her ears where still bright red and infected. The doctor said that means either the antibiotic wasnt strong enough and barely even touched the infection or a new infection formed while being on antibiotics. My poor baby! So she gave her a very strong antibiotic and if this one doesnt help its shots for 3 days straight and tubes :-( Ill keep you all posted.

Tuesday Kamrin put Jaydan in our bed cause I was still sleeping and he had to go to work. When I opened my eyes he said "Mommy I couldnt open my eyes for a long time" I asked him why not and he said "Cause there was way too many boogers in it" Are you kidding me??? I flashed my phone by his eye cause it is dark in the basement even during the day and sure enough green goopy eye boogers!! Pink eye AGAIN!! So once again we start the eye drops and sterilize EVERYTHING. The next night in the middle of the night I wake up and can hardly open my eye. Grr I got it again too! Yesterday morning Maddie woke up with it. Now that we were all on drops again I pulled all our bedding off and washed it. Not only did I spray lysol on everything but wiped down everything with clorox wipes too! I will conquer this stupid pink eye!!

Kamrin has some how dodged pink eye both times. About a week ago he complained he was really achy and had a bad fever in the middle of the night. He got this dry cough that he just cant get rid of. Well now I have the achy body and fever. Late last night I also got the sore throat, sinus and ear pain and just felt HORRIBLE! Today I still feel pretty horrible. I have been loading up on vitamin c so hopefully I can kick this fast!

With all this illness and all this bad luck with health there better be something AMAZING in store for us very soon!! A girl can dream cant she :-)

Jay having a breathing treatment at the doctors

He was so wore out he would fall asleep anywhere

Jay with pink eye :-(
This is Maddies reaction when she sees us carrying the eye drops. She says"No more drops mommy" LOL

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brigette said...

Sorry they've been so sick! Hope u guys get better quick!