Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 23, 2010

9 Week Ultrasound

I went to the doc on Monday when I was exactly 9 weeks not for the baby but because I had been really sick for almost a week and I was afraid it had turned into pneumonia because every time I would breathe I sounded like a baby rattle and I couldnt seem to catch my breath. Luckily it hadnt turned into pneumonia yet but I had a few things going on that I needed medicine for. Anyways my doc did an ultrasound to just check on the baby since I had a fever for a few days straight. I of course didnt put up a fight to see our little baby again :-) It had grown so much in the almost 2 weeks since I had seen it last. It didnt look only like a bean but we could actually see features present like arms, legs and such. With my history with miscarriages I LOVE ultrasounds and hearing the heart as much as possible for my own peace of mind. It made me feel so good that it was growing and developing so great. The doc did measurements and it was actually measuring a bit bigger then 9 weeks. Not too much bigger but its a comfort to think its not only on schedule but maybe even a little ahead. I cant wait to see our baby again :-)

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brigette said...

Amazing how they grow!! Im glad that things are going well!