Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

We really had a GREAT Easter!! The kids had smiles throughout the whole day and we had so much fun all day long. When we woke up we came up and saw what the Easter Bunny brought! The kids loved their stuff so much. After seeing what was in their baskets they noticed there was eggs hidden in the living room and their play room. They had so much fun going on an egg hunt to find all the eggs the Easter Bunny left! After the egg hunt they opened every egg and put all the money in them in their piggy banks! We had an Easter breakfast and then aunt Shaless, uncle Jared and Jareds 2 brothers stopped by for a while and they played Wii. Then it was nap time which was really short. Then we got the kids ready to go to our first stop. I had their cute dressy Easter outfits all ready and Jay BEGGED me to let him wear his new Wii shirt the Easter Bunny brought him and how could I let him down?? So I told him he could if he promised to take good pictures in his nice outfit :-) Our first stop was to grandma and grandpa Hammonds house. They told the kids the Easter Bunny left stuff for them there too!! They had to find where they were hidden. They got these adorable gardening bags. Maddies is Abby and Jays is Elmo. They each had gardening tools, kid size gardening gloves, seeds and other gardening things. Also had candy, twinkies and their favorite...string cheese!! Our next stop was to Kamrins grandmas house. We went up to visit with her for a while. After there we went to my aunt Kays house for a yummy dinner and an egg hunt for all the little kids! It was alot of fun. The kids got ALOT of stuff on Easter! They are so spoiled :-) I hope you all had a great Easter!

The Easter Bunny ate the cupcakes the kids left for him and left them a note and some prizes by it!

Some of the eggs hiding in their play kitchen

In the dollhouse

He was so excited!

She was very mad at Kamrin for carrying her up the stairs! She wanted to walk herself lol!

His face when he saw all the wii clothes!

Adoring her new Minnie Mouse buddy!

Going on our Easter egg hunt!

I found 1 mommy!!

Opening eggs!

A Mater egg!!!

Mermaid fruit snacks!!

They loved opening them all!

Puuting all their money in their piggy banks

Putting money in her Ariel!
Loving her buddy :-)

Their adorable gardening bags!!

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brigette said...

Looks like a fun easter!!