Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soccer Mom

Im officially a soccer mom!! Jaydan started soccer today. We met with his coach and team at the rec center that is literally at the end of our street this morning at 9:45am. For the last couple weeks whenever we brought up him starting soccer he would get pretty upset and say in a very firm voice "I dont want to play soccer!!" I would just chuckle and tell him it was already paid for and he had to. Walking over there this morning I could tell he was getting really excited about it. They passed out uniforms, went over rules and the schedule and then it was time for practice. Jaydan is the shortest of this team and he looks SO cute out there!! Kamrin and I were giggling the whole time watching him. For being so firm about not wanting to play he had a smile on his face the ENTIRE time we were there. Watching him out there was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I cant wait to go back and watch his first game on Tuesday!

Running a lap to warm up

Catching up with his new team mates

Poor kid is the shortest :-)
Getting ready to say the yeam cheer at the end of practice


brigette said...

Yay for soccer!! Its so much fun!! Hope Jay enjoys it!

Toppy said...

So cute and funny!