Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Halloween was GREAT!! One of my best Halloweens that I can remember. It was jammed packed with fun. Heres how it went in order...
Dropped Jay off at school
Dropped Maddie off at school
Rushed back for Jays school parade
Came home to have the youngest 2 rest a bit
Picked Maddie up
Went to my sister Stephs work
Went to my grandmas
Can home for 2.5 seconds
Went trick or treating at my sister Kims work
Picked up kids meals for dinner
Got everything ready for trick or treating
Left at 530 for trick or treating
Didnt get home til 830 from trick or treating!!
Put kids to bed
Kamrin and I finally get dinner
Kamrin and I raid the kids' candy
Off to bed we went
It was all so much fun!! My sister Stephs work is so fun. The have arcade games which the kids had a blast one. We have made it a tradition to go to my sister Kims work. She works at all call center and so trick or treating there is a big success!! I have heard they LOVE my kids there so they ask me to bring them in every once in a while so Halloween is a must now. This year the kids decided they are old enough to do real trick or treating rather then just making the rounds to all our families houses and trunk or treats so we decided that was okay with us and then I set up to go with a girl in Jays class and her family. I have become really good friends with her mom and at a play date at her house I learned how much not only her and I had in common but how much her husband and Kamrin had in common and I was determined to set up a little bromance between them. LOL!!! Just dont tell Kamrin I said that :-) Anyways we headed out about 20 minutes before Kamrin got home and so he came and met up with us. Just as I expected Tyler (her husband) and Kamrin hit it off and chatted the rest of the time we were out. About 730 we stopped back at my house for a bit of a potty break and we decided Kamrin would stay home with Kamdyn and Brynlee so they could go to bed and the rest of us went back out for another hour or so. It was seriously so much fun!!
My little ninja without his mask of course since you cant wear masks at school

Playing at Aunt Stephs work

Speed demon fairy!!

Look how awesome this floor is!! Made with pennies!!

Trick or treating with friends
Jay the ninja

Maddie the fairy

Kamdyn the Cookie Monster

Brynlee the baby fairy
Can you say candy overload?!?!?!

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