Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye Hammond Style

Wednesday Nov 7th we said goodbye to Kamrins brother Landis for 2 years while he serves a mission in Lubbock, Texas. Kamrin, his sister, his brother and his mom did a hot wing challenge about 2 years ago. All of them completed it but Landis and since then his youngest brother has been saying he could eat more then Landis did. So Kamrin decided it was a must do before Landis left. That morning we went to his parents. Since everyone was there it was the perfect time to watch Connor eat these HOT wings!!! I looked up Wing Coop and they didnt open til 11 and Landis had to leave at 1145 or very shortly after. So Kamrin made sure he was there at the door by the time they opened. He called me when he was on his way back and had me get everyone outside in a circle with a gallon of milk ready. When he got there he passed the wings out. His other sister, both his brother in laws, his mom (again), his dad and of course Connor all grabbed one wing each and the fun began. It took about 30 seconds for it to kick in and then I couldnt stop laughing at all these crazies who had just put themselves in this pain!! There were grown men jumping around moaning, spitting over the fence, pacing back and forth, eyes watering like crazy and everyone running for the milk. Oh man it was so hilarious!!!! We (the sane ones who didnt do it) got a good laugh for a good 15 mins. Now Im the only one in the family who hasnt even tried that sauce and Im very proud of it!!! :-) It was a great way to end our last moments with Landis for 2 years. Im sure it will give him a good laugh thinking about it while he is away from us. Only the Hammonds would say goodbye in such a way :-) Enjoy the pictures....
Pashell and Jared taking their first bite

And the heat begins

Dane did alot of pacing


Spitting in the flower bed LOL

Hot chaos

Saying goodbye

He is going to be a GREAT missionary!!

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brigette said...

OMG how funny!! Hope he has a great and safe mission!