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Our Family

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kamdyn Turns 2!!!!

How is it even possible my little Kamdyn is 2?!?!? Ill start with the events of hid birthday. He woke up on the wrong side of the crib and wanted nothing to do with our crazy Happy Birthday wishes. He was able to open 1 present and that helped his mood a bit :-) We took Jaydan to school and dropped Brynlee off to my friend. We had Maddies parent/teacher conference right at 9am so we went to that and after we were done then fun began. We went to Toys R Us and let him pick out some prizes and they gave him a ballon and crown. We then went to Cookie Cutters and got him and Maddie a hair cut. They love that place cause they get to pick a vehicle to sit in and watch a movie while they get their hair done. We then picked up lunch and went to my friends who had Brynlee and ate with them. We came home for a quick cat nap and it was time to go get Jaydan. We went and let Kamdyn pick out his cake and went to the dollar store to let them all spent their gift cards they had for there from their Hamma and Hampa. For dinner we got him pizza. We opened presents and sang to him and had cake. He thought it was all so awesome!! I think he had such a fun day! I know I did!!
Dear Kamdyn,
You are growing in so many ways by the day! You talk so much now its crazy!! Once you started your vocabulary went crazy! Right now you are into Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse and any kind of vehicle! You are HILARIOUS!!! You keep us laughing every single day. You also keep us on our toes. You give new meaning to the "terrible 2s" You started it a bit early and going strong as ever now that you really are 2. We bought you a potty and some big boy underwear for your birthday and you seem so interested in how it all works. Hopefully this is a sign mommy will only have 1 in diapers very soon. You now adore your baby sister. Took you a while to warm up to her but now you love her to piece. In fact you love her a little too much sometimes which she lets you know you are in her bubble too much. You love picking on your older brother and sister. You eat like a bird these days. You only nibble here and there. Mommy often wonders how have so much energy with how little you eat. Little man I adore you so much. You can be such a challenge but you are worth every battle we have. I love you SO much!!!
Love, Mommy
After his birthday haircut

Trying to take his pants off after opening his new potty

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brigette said...

Crazy how fast they grow looks like he had a fun bday!