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Monday, April 20, 2009

Story After Story After Story!!

I have a few stories I wanted to blog that are either funny or amazing to me. My kids are growing so fast before my eyes. When I was pregnant with Jay EVERYONE would tell me cherish every moment because they go by so fast and I just brushed it off but once I had him I knew how true that really is. Seems like I just had him not too long ago and he will be 3 in 2 months!! Wow!!! Also Maddie will be 16 months tomorrow!!! Everyday they say and do new things.

I have recently decided to give them separate baths. It was getting too hard because Maddie will not sit down for anything and once one splashes they both splash and the bathroom floor and myself then will get a bath also! Thats not the reason I made this decision though. I thought since Jay was the older one he would be the first to figure out their bodies are different but I was so wrong!! Maddie has noticed Jay has a "toy" there. At first she would just stare whenever they were in a bath or I was just changing his diaper but then she would go to grab it saying "tickle tickle" and now its an obsession to her!! A few days ago I was changing his diaper and had him stand up to put some cream on his upper bum where he has some eczema and "it" caught Maddies eye, her eyes got HUGE, she squealed in excitement and took off yelling "tickle tickle!!" This of course made me laugh and then stuck out my arm to block the pee pee grabber! Then I started laughing so hard when Jay started giggling saying "Baby wants to tickle my pee pee mommy" So here I am laughing out loud. Trying to hold her back and trying to rush putting the cream on and get his diaper on because she gets a hold of it and hurts poor Jay!! So after I accomplished all that I told Jay that baby doesnt know what it is and so not to ever let her "tickle" it. So no more Jaydan and Maddie baths together!!

We were driving one day and a Kenny Chesney song was playing and it says "Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to go now" Jaydan says "Mommy I want to go to Heaven" I asked him where Heaven is and he said "Heaven is at church" What a smart answer!!!

Kamrin put Jaydan to bed about a week ago and our room is just outside of his room and he asked Kamrin to turn on our light and Kamrin told him his night light and little lamp was enough light and he was going to start crying and asked Kamrin to turn our light on again and told him he was scared and Kamrin asked what he was scared of and Jay told him he was scared of the ghost and Kamrin just giggled and said there was no ghost and he was safe and Jaydan said "Daddy there is a ghost named the Holy Ghost" When Kamrin told me I started laughing so hard! He is too smart!!

This one isnt a funny story but it just amazed me how great his memory is. We were driving with my sister to see my mom and grandma today and literally out of nowhere Jaydan says "I cried" so both Kim and I asked him why he cried and he said "When I see baby Kael" Kael is my uncles baby who passed away in October of last year. This sent chills over me since Jay only seen him maybe 2 or 3 times and 1 of those being his funeral. So my sister turns the radio off because this really got our attention so we both keep asking where he saw baby Kael and he seemed a bit confused and at first he told us at daddys work and then finally he said he cried when he saw him at church. Im assuming he is meaning at his funeral which was 6 months ago so for him to remember that and just bring it up out of nowhere just amazed me!!

Jaydan "Mommy where is my brother?"
Me "You dont have a brother. You have a sister named Maddie"
Jaydan "Can I pay for a brother"
Me "We dont pay or go buy babies. Mommys have them in there bellys for a while and then they come be a part of our family"
Jaydan walks over to me, puts his hands on my belly and yells "Brother are you in here now"
How do I break it to him it doesnt work that way :-)



Fun stories! I need to get better at recording those little things the kids do or say.

Wall family said...

I love the first one. It is so funny!