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Our Family

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Cupcakes And Dyeing Eggs!!!!

On Saturday my mom and sister Kim came over and helped us make cupcakes for the Easter Bunny and dye Easter eggs. It was SO much fun!! My kids had a BLAST and so did I!! We started with the cupcakes. we gave the kids one to frost all by themselves and of course their mouths did most of the work :-) They had so much fun with the sprinkles too! It was great seeing them so excited and having so much fun. The cupcakes are SO yummy too!!

We took a little break and then we set up the dye to start painting and dyeing eggs. I let Jay paint some and was trying to think of how to entertain Maddie and have her feel apart of it so I gave her a piece of paper, paint brush and a chocolate pudding! I knew real paint would have turned out bad and a real egg would have been cracked to pieces!! I showed her how to do it and she did so great until...... she tasted it...... and figured out it was YUMMY! Then she would eat and paint and so on. Well lets just say by the time we were done with eggs Maddie was a chocolate MESS! She had chocolate pudding from head to toe!! We all had a blast and it was so worth the mess!!

Making the Easter Bunny cupcakes!!!

Stirring the batter

Frosting her 1st cupcake

Frosting a cupcake

Having a blast!!

Want some??

Some of our cupcakes

Time out for fun!!!

Painting with chocolate pudding

Painting an egg

She figured out it tasted good too!!

Dyeing an egg!

My Chocolate Baby!!!

Our eggs!!!

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Wall family said...

Your such a fun mom! It looks like they had so much fun.