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Our Family

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Gorgeous Little Maddie

I am a picture fanatic and one thing that has been VERY important to me since I became a mom was to keep up on my kids professional pictures. The first year of their life I do them at newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and then their 1st birthday. After that I do them once a year around their birthday. With Maddies birthday being so close to Christmas I decided to wait til after New Years after things calmed down in our lives and at Kiddie Kandids with everyone going to do their Christmas pictures. Well I set a date to take her and the night before I was watching the news and they said Kiddie Kandids has closed there doors that morning and claimed bankruptcy. I was VERY sad by this because that was the one place i would go to get my kids pictures taken. I have tried other studios and was not impressed whatsoever with their quality and I had numerous problems everywhere else. So needless to say I put off taking her to get her 2 year pictures. I wanted to find someone who does it privately so started doing some research on photographers that do it on the side or on their own rather then at a studio. My friend offered to do them for me but life got hectic after that. My uncles wife had her sons 6 months pictures done by an old friend of hers and when I saw the pictures she took of him I LOVED them. I loved her style and her quality. One thing I loved was she wrote on the pictures and did little collages just like Kiddie Kandids did! So I emailed her and she told me she would do them for me and I called to set up an appointment with her. We went and got them done last Friday at 5:30pm. Of course of all days Maddie refused to take a nap that day. I tried for a couple hours to get her to fall asleep. I gathered everything and loaded the kids up and went and picked up Kamrin from work and we headed to Clearfield to her house where she had a little studio in her basement. Maddie fell asleep about 20 minutes before we got there so we had to wake her up when we got there. This made for a very stubborn and not so happy girl. She pouted ALOT throughout the hour shoot and I left bummed that we wouldnt get many great pictures. A couple days later Hollie posted some of the pictures in her Facebook page and I LOVE them!! I cant wait to see the rest when I get the disc of them all in the next day or so! Here are the few she posted on her page. Ill post more when I get the disc. I found my new favorite photographer for sure!! She is great and does amazing work!!!


lynisom said...

Cutie pie. They turned out really good.

brigette said...

So cute!! Love the pics

The Pendletons said...

Loves them!