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Our Family

Monday, August 20, 2012

2 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,

Cant believe Im writing another letter to you already. This has been one crazy month! Girlie you keep me on my toes everyday and every night. You poor thing have had to go through alot in your short life. You cry ALOT still and have more bad days and nights then you have good ones. You had to have a GI scan and they discovered you have a malrotation of your intestines. Right now we are in the process of trying to decide whether we are going to do a surgery now and prevent any damage it could cause or wait and see if it ever does become a problem. Such a hard decision to make!! On top of that you have severe reflux. Oh and you have a GIANT belly button hernia. I think you are colic too. Told you its been a tough life for you so far!! Its not all hard or bad. You are starting to smile and coo so much. I love it!! You are so beautiful! We get stopped all the time by strangers to be told what a pretty baby you are and how gorgeous your eyes are. I admit it makes my day :-) Your brother Kamdyn has warmed up to you so much. He loves checking on you and gives you your binky constantly. Maddie and Jay still love you SO much and smother you will love all the time. Friday was a big day for you. You had your 2 month check up, shots then we went and got your ears pierced. You look so pretty with your eyes all cute now :-) You are now 11 pounds exactly which puts you in the 41.33% You are a shorty like your brother Jaydan. You are now 21 3/4 inches which puts you in the 17.63% Surprise surprise you have a big head just like all your siblings. You are in the 61.35% for your noggin :-) I cant believe you are 2 months! I hope this next month is easier on you!! I love you SO SO SO much princess!
Love, Mommy

Your HUGE belly button

You cry like this most days :-(

Your super pretty ears

You are the cutest BYU fan!!!

Again with the crying

Showing mommy your hand

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brigette said...

Love her ears and her cute headbands.