Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Linkin Park

For Christmas I gave Kamrin tickets to one of his favorite bands concert. After 2 months of waiting it was finally here on February 25th. We stopped for some dinner then headed to the concert. We missed most of the first band but from what I hear it was pretty horrible so Im glad we showed up late! We actually planned it that way since neither of us know that band. Im more of a country music type of girl but I LOVE Linkin Park!! I have loved them since they first came out. I know 99% of their songs and love every single one of them! To be honest we thought we would stand out pretty bad. Here we are an "old" married couple for a rock concert and I would like to think we are pretty clean cut people. We figured it would be a bunch of "punk" dressed teens there. Wrong! Most were around our age and even older then us! All pretty clean cut. Only a few "punk" people in the whole arena that we were able to see. There was even a few people who looked around my parents age!!! It was awesome!! Some parts of the concert it was even funnier to people watch then watching the actual concert. There were quite a few silly dancers! It was so much fun having a night with just Kamrin and I doing something we both love!

Maddie took our pic before we left for the concert

Linkin Park playing Maddie and Jays favorite song "Shadow Of The Day"

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brigette said...

What a fun date night!! Linkin Park is great!!