Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Little Einstein

This little boy blows me away with how amazing his memory is! He has been playing computer, wii, cell phone games and ipods since he was just 2!! He only needs it explained once and he gets it immediately! Most of the time he doesnt even need you to explain to him how to play he just does it. He only needs to listen to a song once and he can sing it word for word the second time! He learned a Linkin Park song when he was about 2 and would sing it so cute. Well we hadnt played it for him for almost a year and put it in to see if he remembered it still after that long and not only did he remember it he sang it word for word the first time hearing it in almost a year!! It seriously blows me away how amazing his memory is! He can remember the tinest details about things even I have forgot about. He even knew all his ABCs before he was 2! He is seriously an amazingly smart little guy! Im so proud to be his mom and cant wait to see him start school. I know he is going to do so amazing!

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brigette said...

Such a smart boy! They grow up so stinking fast!