Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, November 6, 2008

WOW What A Response!!!

My last post was a big hit. Not only did I get multiple comments on my blog but also by text and even phone calls. A few points came up that I wanted to touch on and address. I was on no way bashing anyone for their views or beliefs but I really do hope that all of you reading this who voted for Obama voted for him for a reason other then the color of his skin, wanting to make history or just wanted a change!!! None of those are good reasons to vote for someone who is going to have my future, my kids future and everyone else I loves future in their hands!! I dont care if our next was Black, White, Asian or even Indian. I dont care if our next president is man or woman. All I care about is that the person that is running my country is HONEST and has not only mine but every single Americans best interest at heart. THIS IS NOT OBAMA!! He has no morals, no pride for this country and is just flat out not a good person!!! No good human being would be okay with abortion or as he calls it "womens rights" when they are a months away from delivery. Im sorry but I think woman give up their rights on not delivering a child when he made the CHOICE to get in that situation in the first place. Adoption is always the better option in that kind of situation. I personally know plenty of people who can never have their own kids and would love to then there are those people that Obama supports that are getting pregnant over and over like its nothing and murdering their unborn babies cause they arent ready for kids. SO SO SAD!! In my eyes from the second of conception it is not cells but a living baby. A gift from Heavenly Father that way way too many dont appreciate. On another note what kind of so called President Of America has NO AMERICAN PRIDE OR RESPECT!!! To not hold your hand to your heart while paying any kind of respect for our flag as absolutely no business running my country!!!! The saddest part is everyone who voted for him didnt see a problem with that!!!!! Please help me understand your thinking!!!!!! Why would you want the man who has the future of yours and your families future in their hands to have NO RESPECT OR PRIDE for our flag!!! Why would You want a man who supports MURDER OF A BABY!!! Why would you want a man who denied his faith in his church because it was hurting his campaign!!! Why would you want this kind of person to run our country? We could have made history by just picking some random African American off the streets to be President and we probably would have been better off. We could have just picked any random Joe off the streets to get a change and once again we probably would have been better off. Am I missing something or not seeing something that you see that made this LIAR look like a better choice? Honestly I dont get it. If you voted for him because of any of the reasons I named just please next time but thought into if that is really a good reason to elect someone. This will not only affect you and your family but mine as well and I DO NOT want my kids to be influenced by a man like Obama. He makes me SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I sooo agree. Like you, I feel like I must be missing something. How can the majority of this country think that this guy is the better choice for Prez? I don't get it. So many HUGE issues seem to be completely ignored... his church, questionable friends and acquaintances, abortion, his socialist views... the list goes on. Yikes!