Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Gran and Leaf Fun!!!

After we surprised Gran with her bday cake

Burying Pashell

This is so fun!!!!

I love leaves!!

Getting both of them to look at the same time is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Yesterday was Kamrin Grandmas (Gran) birthday. We all went to his parents house for dinner to spend time with her. When we got there, there was ALOT of leaves in a huge pile all ready for my kids to play in. Jaydan LOVED it. Madyson liked it except when I laid her on her back for a picture. She got pretty mad at that. Jaydan even got to bury Connor and Pashell a couple times which he thought was pretty cool. When Gran pulled up I told him to run and tell her happy birthday and poor kid tripped and that was the end of the leaf fun. He was in a bad mood for a while after that. Then we went in for dinner and visited for a while. It was fun. Im not sure if Gran reads this but I wanted to wish her a Very Happy Birthday!! We love you and hope you had a great day!!!

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How fun!! Wish the leaves would change color here in Phx. and fall so we could play in them. Cute pictures!!