Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My Adorable Kids

Jaydan being goofy

Grandma getting butterfly kisses

Aunt Pashell with Elmo

I love that face!!

The crawling butterfly

Maddies Halloween shirt said Daddy's Under My Spell (so true)

Together at Grandma Rushworths

Jaydans Halloween shirt says Too Cute To Scare (so true again)

My grandma had these bloody hands hanging from her kitchen counter. Jaydan loved them.

Maddie in her Halloween bib

Jay in his Halloween bib

Jaydan kept trying to blow out the candles on top. So cute!!

At our first Trunk Or Treat

Jaydan happy to look at all that candy!!

Cousins Conner and Maddie at the second Trunk Or Treat

Snow White, Woopie Cushion, Butterfly and Elmo

Maddie in her Halloween PJs

Jay in his Halloween PJs which he loved!!!

Uncle Jared spinning Jaydan in his pillowcase
Halloween was SO much fun for us. We woke up early and started the fun right away. We went to pick up Kamrin sister Pashell and we went to surprise Grandma Hammond at her work. Luckily when we got there she didnt have a class so she got to spend time with them. When her class came in they all loved my kids and were commenting on their cute costumes. Then we went to my sister Kims work. Jaydan loved it there for many reasons. It was decorated awesome (and of course I left my camera in the car) Everyone was going nuts over my kids so he LOVED all the attention and his favorite was he got to trick or treat and everyones desks. When Kims boss Rick saw the candy Jay had he said he needs something bigger then that so he took us to his desk and I was expecting maybe a big sucker or even a normal size candy bar but boy was I wrong! He pulled out a king size Crunch bar!!! Jaydans eyes were HUGE! He had hit the jackpot. Then we were off to see Grandma Rushworth and Grandma Nette. We showed off their costumes and Halloween outfits, had lunch with them and played hard. Jaydan loves all the cool decorations my grandma has. He was scared or some of them til Halloween then he got brave. Steph stopped by so we also got to spend some time with her. Then we got Kamrin and came home for a while and had dinner then headed to our ward for the Trunk Or Treat. We got more comments on our costumes then the kids did :-) Everyone laughed so hard at Kamrins Whoopie Cushion costume and one guy even had to take a picture of him. When we were walking to our car a guy stopped me and asked if I would take a picture with his daughter cause she loved Snow White. Then we headed to my dads ward (the ward I grew up in) Kandace had the boys there so we were able to see them too. People there went all out and decorated their trunks awesome!! My kids made bank with candy. Jaydan filled his Elmo bucket twice and Madyson filled her Princess bucket once and thats not including all the treats family had given them the last week or all the candy from Kims work!! Not bad for a 2 year old and a 10 month old!! After the 2nd Trunk Or Treat we went over to my friend Christi's parents house with her and her family cause her parents had a huge blow up castle, spider and many more awesome decorations, Jay had so much fun running through the castle. He didnt want to leave there!! Then we were finally done. We headed back home to hand out with Kamrins sister Shaless and her husband Jared. To end a fun day for Jay Jared put him in his pillowcase and was swinging him and twisting him all around. Jaydan LOVED it and wanted to do it over and over. We really had a great Halloween! It was so fun not only for the kids but for Kamrin and I also!!

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Sounds like a busy and fun Halloween! Love your kids costumes! So cute!