Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh how I wished I would never write a post on this horrible virus ever again but luck was on our side at all. After her first round of RSV she was great. No congestion or anything. Oh Thursday she was fussy and started having some congestion. By the next morning she was miserable. Fevers and all. Our doc was booked so I took her to his partner. She checked her out and said she had a double ear infection and her lungs sounded crappy but not horrible. She said she didnt sound like her RSV was back so gave me antibiotics and told me what to watch for. By dinner time she was way bad. Her face was an off color and she was working so hard to breathe. Once I noticed how hard she was working I loaded her up and took her to an urgent care. They sent us up to the hospital because even though her oxygen level was 93 (they want it above 90) she was afraid with how hard she was working her body would get too tired after a while and would just stop breathing all together. By the time I got her to the hospital her level had dropped to 86. They pulled her out of her seat and rushed her in the room and put oxygen on her and started suctioning her out. She was so upset she started throwing up. Needless to say I was an emotional wreck at this point. I had cried the entire drive to urgent care, the entire time we were there, the entire drive to the hospital and seeing how they were rushing her around and her being so upset she was throwing up was more then I could handle. I was not just crying at this point I was sobbing. We were in the ER for about an hour when they decided she wasnt going home that night and took us to our room. It was such a LONG night! We were so worried, horrible beds and away from home so sleep was hit and miss all night. After watching her all the following day they let us bring her home that evening on oxygen again. She now is doing much better. Not great but a big improvement. She is such a little fighter!!!

She was having so much fun with the oxygen tube

Look at that chubbiness!!

She looked so adorable in her hospital gown

Next to her at home oxygen machine

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brigette said...

Big bummer :( Sorry you had to go through that again !!