Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, March 16, 2013

9 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,
This has been such a rough month for you baby girl. You have been sick sick sick. We have had 2 stays at the hospital and at home oxygen for half of it. There has been nothing normal for you this month. Your eating is all out of whack and so is your sleeping. You have been able to stay pretty steady at the 20 pound range even with being so sick and not eating very much. While going through all your RSV, Rhino Virus and ear infections you now have 3 teeth fully out and 4 more that are right at the surface. Needless to say you have been MISERABLE! It was exactly one month ago today we got your first positive test for RSV. This last month shows how much of a fighter and a tough cookie you are. You smiled 90% of the time even with your body fighting all that. When I started going through all your pictures from this month I thought for sure there would only be a few since you have been so sick and the ones I did take I already posted in the RSV posts but I was so wrong. I found SO many adorable happy smiling pics of you. It made me smile looking through them all. You are still not crawling and I dont think you are even close. You roll where you need to go and you kind of scoot/army crawl but dont make it far at all that way. You still wear 12 month clothes and are in size 4 diapers. You still fit in 3s but pee through them at night so we decided just to switch you. You love eating our food. We give you as much as we can that is safe for you and you love it all and get so excited. I recently introduced you to avocados and you LOVE them!! I think its a toss up between those and bananas for you favorite food. You are the light of our family. You keep us all laughing constantly. Everyone around you loves you so much!! We get stopped constantly by people talking to you and telling us how adorable you are. All the nurses we have seen this last month just love you!! Baby girl I hope your 9th month is a million times better then your 8th month!! You deserve to be well and feel great the entire month!! We love you Binee (Thats what big brother Kamdyn calls you)
Love, Mommy

Mommy that flash is soooooo bright!!

Playing peek a boo

Getting a baby pedi

Messing in mommys flowers

Loves outside!!

Hanging out with her buddy Jack

Finally growing out of needing to be swaddled

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brigette said...

Getting so big. Such a cutie! !