Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 11, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

Instead for singing All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth Jaydan will need to sing 4 front teeth! Thats right he looks like an old man at the moment he has alot of teeth missing. Long story short he has awful teeth. No matter my great attempts to take extreme care of them he is a cavity magnet. When he was 2 he had to have some major work done. Well now he needs even more major work. The day Brynlee was hospitalized for RSV he had a horrible tooth ache. The next morning we took him to the dentist and sure enough he had an infection in a couple teeth. He was given antibiotics and scheduled an appt to do all the work once his infection was gone. Last week I took him in and the dentist said he would do the work to fix the teeth or he would just pull them since he will be losing them all soon anyways. We voted just pull them so we didnt have to spent money on something he would lose really soon. What a waste of money that would be! He had 3 teeth that needed it but so he was even we just pulled that forth one. We usually go to a kids dentist in West Valley which we love but the day he was in so much pain he was out so I googled other kids one and randomly picked one in West Jordan. I didnt go to the 1st appt with him since I had to take Brynlee to the hospital to be sucked out and then to her doc. Kamrin told me it was really awesome there. When I walked in to take him to get his teeth pulled I was very impressed! It so nice and I love how classy yet kid friendly it is. I also loved the staff and the dentist was great. He was so cute with Jaydan. When he was all done he put his forehead on Jays forehead and said "You did it buddy! Im so proud of you! You were so great!" It was really cute. Jay was in pain for a while but bounced back way fast and was so happy when the tooth fairy came and left him money for 4 teeth!! He said he is so rich now!
The little house for kids to play in while waiting

Playing video games in the little house

It even has a play kitchen

The door inside the tree is where you walk through to get to the exam rooms

Time for laughing gas


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