Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kamdyns 3D Ultrasound

Monday August 16th we got to go do Kamdyns 3D ultrasound. This is my favorite ultrasound of the whole pregnancy. It amazes me seeing my baby in such amazing details. When I did it with Jaydan it was awesome but I still couldnt really picture him in my mind but with Maddie and now Kamdyn I really can because they all look so much alike! I was wondering if Kamdyn would follow in Jaydan and Madysons look or take on his own look and as soon as they put the 3D part up everyone kept saying how he was a little Jaydan. Just looking at his face I also seen so much of Jaydan in him. He looks so much like Jaydan did when he was a newborn. He has the famous Rushworth chubby cheeks. He also has way full and long eyelashes. The tech said they really actually see the eyelashes on ultrasounds and Kamdyn has the longest ones he has ever seen before. Like both my other kids Kamdyn loves his hands by his face. He even was rubbing his eye. It was so cute! He went from my most inactive baby to my most active by far. The ultrasound girl had to chase him around the whole time. He moves non stop except when someone wants to feel him move of course. He is such a teaser. This time we had decided to make it a fun family event and invited both our moms, our grandmas and all our sisters. The room was packed but it was so much fun having everyone there to share in our special moment. Seeing him in 3D got me so excited to see and hold him! I cant wait to meet this little guy!

Sticking his tongue out at us :-)

Resting his face on his arm

Scrunching up his nose and mouth :-)

Must be tiring having everyone peeking in at you

Tiny smile

Check out those lashes!!!!

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brigette said...

How fun! 3ds are the best you are getting closer now!!