Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 29, 2010

3D Ultrasound Comparison

I was very excited to get Kamdyns 3D ultrasound done not only to see him but to compare his to Jaydan and Madysons 3D pictures too. I found their cds of all their 3D pictures and I am amazed at not only how much they look alike but also how they all act alike. They all did alot of the same behaviors in their ultrasounds. For example they all have a picture of them rubbing their eye. They all have one with their hands up by their face and mouth. They all had obsessions with their hands by their faces. It was so fun to compare them. Now I cant wait to see him in person and see how much he really looks like them as a newborn!

Jaydan face shot

Madyson face shot

Kamdyn face shot

Jaydan rubbing his eye

Madyson rubbing her eye

Kamdyn rubbing his eye

Jaydans hands by his face and chin

Madysons hands by her face and chin

Kamdyns hands by his face and chin

1 comment:

brigette said...

How fun. The do look alot alike! He'll be here soon!