Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day Of Preschool

Both Jaydan and Madyson started preschool today! This is Jaydans 2nd and last year and Maddies 1st year so it was pretty exciting! I was excited that they get to go 1 year together. Even though Maddie wont be 3 til December my aunt let her start this year. I was nervous for her but knew she would do just fine with Jaydan there. She is already so smart and learn so much from Jaydan that I knew she would do good learning and paying attention. I let the kids pick out their backpacks a few weeks ago and Maddie picked a princess on that actually has Ariel on it which is not very common and by some miracle we actually found a Mario one for Jay. I cant even describe their excitement to get those back packs :-) This morning they both were so excited they walked around the house with their backpacks on for an hour before we even left and asked every 2 minutes if it was time to go yet. When we got there Jaydan went right in the room but Maddie looked a bit unsure. She stayed really close to me and when we would tell her she could go in with Jaydan she just gave me this look like "I dont know about this mom" No tears at all though. When I picked them up they both were all smiles and couldnt wait to get home to show me all they had done. It was so fun and cute to see how happy and excited they both were. My babies are growing up way too fast!

Arent they just SO adorable?!?

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brigette said...

They looked cute! Glad it went good for both of them