Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Weeks

Im now 30 and 1/2 weeks along. In some ways its going by so fast and I cant believe I have under 10 weeks left and in other ways I feel like its never going to end. I have officially hit the very uncomfortable stage in pregnancy. I cant sleep much yet Im so exhausted 24/7. I wake up a few times a night for bathroom runs. I am experiencing heart burn for the first time in my lie. I never even had it with my other 2 pregnancies. I even have spells of "morning sickness" which is so different from my other 2. With Jay I was NEVER sick at all. With Maddie I was for the first 3 months and this one has been on and off the entire time. I feel so very huge and have the biggest growing weeks ahead of me still. I have a feeling he will be my chunky monkey. Im used to having small babies with Jaydan only being 5 lbs 5 oz and Maddie only being 6 lbs 2 oz and at his 3D ultrasound a month ago he already had fat rolls :-) As its getting closer Im getting more excited and more nervous too. I will have 3 kids now and only have 2 hands. They really will out number me now :-) Im nervous how my other 2 will handle having a new baby around and taking away some of mommys attention from them. They both LOVE babies but they are so used to it being just us 3 during the day and babies take alot of attention and I dont want them to feel like I love the baby more or anything like that. As far as being ready for this baby with stuff we are pretty much ready. I have been "nesting" as Kamrin says because I have been a mad woman keeping up on cleaning, laundry, dishes and even the play room trying to keep my house so clean. I even did all Kamdyns laundry and put it in his drawers already. One day my "nesting" was so bad I ran out of things that I could do without Kamrin here that I took all the food out of the freezer and cleaned it out and organized the food :-) Okay, so he is probably right I probably am starting the nesting stage. Some fun things Im very excited about with preparing for this little guy is my mom is very crafty and talented and a while ago I told her all these things I wanted to make for him and she agreed to help me so we went shopping for lots of fabric and have now really started working on them alot. Our first project is a rag quilt. My moms friend had sent me one when I had Maddie and I LOVE them! We are making really good progress on it and I am finally comfortable enough that I have been sewing it on my own now. Some other projects we are going to do is burp cloths, nursing cover and a car seat canopy. Im very excited to see all the finished products! Im so excited to meet this little one. He will be here before we know it! My favorite thing of being pregnant is feeling the baby move. What a miracle!!

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brigette said...

Your getting closer. Sounds like your ready! Very exciting