Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kamdyns Birthday Parties

We had a party for Kamdyn the Sunday before his bday with my family and we invited Kamrins family but the only one who was able to make it was his sister and her husband. It took him a long time to get into the cupcake and he didnt last very long. We then washed him up in the sink and then had present time which he got into right away.

We had a party for him on his actual bday with my moms side of the family. He wanted nothing to do with the cupcake! He played with it for maybe 2 minutes and would just cry so we just got him out. He really doesnt like cake apparently. Even since then we have tried to feed him some off our plates and he just pulls away and wont eat it. Crazy boy! He was very into present time. Every time we would take away a present so he could open a new one he would growl :-)

Cute little bum!

His giant cupcake

This is as much as we got out of him

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