Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I of course forgot my camera at home on Thanksgiving so didnt get pictures except 1 I stole from my sisters Facebook but I still wanted to post about our day and the special things we are thankful for. We went to Kamrins grandmas around noon to spend a couple of hours with his family before having to be at my brothers at 3. We ate, visited and looked through Black Friday ads. When we got to my brothers we ate some more. That is what Thanksgiving is all about right?!? We visited and went up and looked at the ads once again and then did pie which I had to avoid. My enemy right now is sweets. I figured banana cream pie would be okay to eat....WRONG. After only one bite I just about lost both Thanksgiving feasts. I love Thanksgiving! Great food and being with family is the best!

Im am thankful for so many things. Too many too name. Im so thankful for my husband and that he works so hard to make it possible for me to stay home with my kids. Im thankful for my kids. They are not perfect but they are perfect for me. Im so blessed to be the one who was chosen to be their mom. Even though this pregnancy was not planned and blew me away with surprise Im thankful that for some reason I was meant to be this babys mom also. Im thankful that my family and my in laws are all so close and family is just as important to them is it is to me. Im so thankful for all the wonderful memories we have been able to make this year. Im thankful for a mom who is not only a mom to me but truly one of my best friends. Im so thankful for a family who would do anything for me and my little family. Im am so blessed to have so many AMAZING people in my life!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here is a pic of our Black Friday ad train at my brothers :-)

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