Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Kamdyn!!!

I seriously cant believe Im writing this post already!!! Our baby boy is 1 year old today!!! It really doesnt seem possible!! There is so much I could say about Kamdyn. He has been our easiest baby. He is so mellow and easy going and has been since day 1. He brings each of us to smiles and laughs daily! We all adore him SO much. At 1 he has ALOT of teeth already. More then either of my others did at this age. He loves his big brother and sister. He crawls, pulls himself up on things, walks along things and has taken a couple steps on his own then chickens out. He recently discovered if he works hard enough he can climb up on the couch by himself and is so proud of it. He his a growler. You would think we have a dog but we dont so not sure where that came from. He must think he is an animal. From the day he was born he has made this noise when he is hungry that sounds like a baby pig oinking. Well he went from "oinking" to now growling. Funny kid. He growls when he falls, you take something from him, you have something he wants or even when someone comes to the door. He is our watch dog I guess :-) I love this little guy more then I could ever put into words. He brings me so much happiness. I could just love on him all day long (he would never allow that) At his 1 year appt he weighed 25 pounds 6 ounces which is 88% He is also in the 88% for height so at least he is big all around and not just chubby even though I wouldnt mind cause I love chubby babies. Happy 1st Birthday Kamdyn!!!! I love you so very much!!!

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