Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 27, 2011


2 days ago we got our very own Elf. My kids named him Elfie. He came with a book. He is our special elf who Santa sent to watch over just us and every night when we go to sleep he goes and reports to Santa how we behaved that day. Well when he gets back from reporting to Santa he gets a little creative on how to pass time until we wake up.

Night 1 Elfie poured flour on the counter and make a "snow angel" in it.
Kids reaction- Maddie came running downstairs and said "Mommy I cant find Elfie anywhere. He is not on our book shelf anymore" It took me a mintue to fully wake up and when I came up her eyes were HUGE. She told me she had found Elfie in a mess. She then looked at me and said "Mom Im so serious" When Jaydan found out what happened he asked if I had put them there and when I told him Elfie was on the shelf when I went to bed he shook his head and said "Crazy elf"

Night 2 Elfie passed time by vegging on the couch and playing Jaydans DS all night.
Kids reaction- Jaydan was the first to see this time and he couldnt stop laughing. He picked up Elfie and the DS and started walking him to put him back on the shelf. As he reached the play room door we hear "Listen this is mine not yours" Ha ha ha ha!!! Maddie thought it was just as funny!

We love our Elf and cant wait to see what he does next!!

Flour "snow angel"

Playing DS

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