Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


On Monday Oct 5th I woke up at 5am with a horrible headache and it lasted all day long! I took meds for it and it didnt seem to help at all. That night when Kamrin got him his sister and her husband came to pull everything out of our garden before the first freeze and Kamrin took the kids outside to help cause he knew I felt horrible. I went downstairs and my head started pounding so hard it felt like I was going to throw up so I went to go upstairs to sit in the bathroom for a bit. I was 2 or 3 stairs up and I got REALLY dizzy, lost my balance and BAM down I went!! Wouldnt have been so bad but I was cold so I had my jacket on and my hands were in my jacket so I couldnt catch myself and fell right on my forehead. Our stairs are HARD wood with No carpet on them to top it off!! I laid on my bed for a second til I thought it was safe to head upstairs to see the damage to my head and cheek bone. I looked in the mirror and wow there was a huge goose egg, lots of colors everywhere and my cheek bone was swollen. I sat on the couch and was holding my head when Kamrin walked in to ask me a question.

Kamrin "Is your headache still not getting any better"
Me"Um not now that I whacked it"
Kamrin"How did you do that?"
I told him and lifted my hand so he could see and he stood back and said "HOLY CRAP ASHLEY THAT IS HUGE!!"
I started crying and he hugged me and told me to rest on the couch. Every once in a while he would come in to make sure I was okay and still vertical. I went to bed early that night to give my head a rest. The next couple days were rough and my head was killing me. Every time i would even bend over I could feel all the pressure building in my head. I went to the doc because it was only getting worse and my heads were getting so swollen and all my bruises were popping up like goose eggs. Sure enough I cracked my skull!!! Leave it to me to do something like that!! After a few shots and a couple days the pressure started going down. Just over 2 weeks later I still have a tiny goose egg and lots of bruising. Could be cause I hit it again in Disneyland in the same spot :-)

About 10 min after it happened

A couple of hours after it happened!! It just kept growing that whole night!!!!


Sparker said...

I still feel bad that we didn't tell you to go to the doctor that night. Looking back on it, we both think you had a concusion. I'm glad you were doing better and you got to ride all the rides in Disneyland!

Amy O'Neill said...

Oh my goodness!! Hope you are feeling much better!