Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 30, 2011

BYU Football

We are big BYU Cougars fans here at the Hammond house. Kamrin and I arent very into sports but the last few years we have really gotten into BYU football. I grew up in a house of Cougar fans and it has stuck with me. Even when I wasnt too into football I would always watch the BYU-Utah games. Sept 17th was this years BYU-Utah game so we had a party at our house with Kamrins family. Most of us are BYU fans but there are a couple Yucky Utes fans (as Jaydan calls them) Our party was fun. The food was yummy. The game on the other hand was HORRIBLE! BYU played horrible and got crushed which they deserved with how bad they were playing.

My 3 little Cougars :-)

Cougars chips!!!

Yummy chips and dips!

3 types of wings!

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