Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 19, 2013

11 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,
Im in complete shock you are 11 months old! This is your last letter until your 1st birthday! It really blows me away!! You are now mobile. You are all over the house chasing us wherever we go and climbing things you are big enough to get on. You stand up against the couch constantly. I still don't think you will walk for a while but then again I thought you were never going to get the crawling thing down and you proved me wrong. You are still adored by EVERYONE! They love your little personality, your amazing blue eyes and you give the best baby kisses ever. You have the biggest case of stranger danger we have ever had in one of our kids. You don't like most people and especially men! They look at you, get to close and you freak out. If they touch you or try to hold you oh boy you SCREAM so loud like someone is killing you. You now throw major tantrums. You throw yourself on the floor and everything. Its very hard to take your picture these days. You love food. All food. You mainly want really food now though. You will eat baby food but prefer stuff you can pick up yourself. You prefer sippys over your bottle now, You must like feeling like a big girl. You love dancing. You sleep with your little bum in the air. Youre still a chunk. You love your big brothers and sister. You get so excited when daddy comes home from work. You are now in a big girl car seat and love it. You pretty much sleep through the night besides when you aren't feeling good. You love to chase the vacuum. You are so beautiful. I love you so much little one!! Time to start planning your birthday party!!!!
Love, Mommy
Look at those rolls!!

You LOVE wipes!! You love pulling them our one by one and love trying to eat them.

You do this all the time. It so funny!

The next few pictures are the ones I take every month on the 16th when you turn another month old. These show your tantrums very well and shows how hard it is to get pictures of you. All these pictures were taken within a couple minutes

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