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Our Family

Sunday, July 22, 2012

1 Month Letter

I saw on one of the blogs I read that for every month for the 1st year she would write a letter to her daughter with what has been going on in that month and how she felt that month and I loved that idea so I have decidd to do that with Brynlee. She is already a month old so time to do her first one and of course I will post pictures after the letters too.

Dear Brynlee,

I cant believe you are already a month old baby girl! I wont lie your first month was really rough on you, mommy and your whole family. As we all try to adjust to you and you try and adjust to life we have had many struggles. You cry ALOT! 90% of the time you are awake is spent screaming. This is hard for mommy and the rest of the bunch. Mommy feels so helpless and wishes she could make you happy. Your poor belly is hard as a rock most times so no wonder you are miserable. I would be too. We are working on it so hopefully soon enough you wont have to be in so much pain all the time. You are not a very good sleeper but you are improving for the most part. One of the things that makes mommy so happy with you is you re such a good nurser. I wanted nursing to work out so bad with you since with all your other siblings it only worked out for a short time and the time it did work out we had to nurse little and formula alot but with you its 98% nursing and very little bottles and when we do need to give you bottles its most pumped milk and only formula here and there if really needed for some reason. I love that bonding time with you and I know you love it too. When we have had to do a couple feedings in a row with a bottle you would scream andonce mommy would start nursing you would calm right down and go to sleep. Another benifit from nursing is you are getting SO chunky already and I love it! You make chubby look so cute :-) Mommy has loved having another girl. I love dressing you up so cute with all your accessories!! You always look s beautiful and mommy gets stopped constantly when we are in public and everyyone says what a gorgeous baby you are!! Daddys favorite thing to do with you is say "BABY" in a really deep voice and your little eyes go crazy trying to find him. Jaydan adores you! He checks on you all the time. Maddie LOVES LOVES LOVES having a baby sister. She helps mommy dress you pretty and wants to be around you all the time. Kamdyn well he is adjusting to you. One moment he loves you and wants to "pet" you and give you a million kisses and the next he is throwing stuff at you. Dont worry mommy has guarded you from ever actually getting hit so far. Brynlee even though this frist month has been so rough I wouldnt change you for the world. I love you so much and Im so thankful to be completing our family with such a beautiful little baby that you are.

Love, Mommy

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brigette said...

Fun idea and lots of cute pics!