Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

7 Month Letter

Dear Brynlee,
This was a HUGE month for you! 2 days after you turned 6 months old you rolled over FINALLY!!! Since then you have mastered rolling from belly to back AND back to belly! Yes, that means you are never in the same spot I leave you in. You roll all around the room and roll to get things you want. You still "rev up" to roll from back to front. Its pretty cute! Its all those rolls you have :-) You are still very chubby! In fact I switched you to 6-9 month clothes in the middle of December and 90% of them already dont fit! There was so many outfits you never got a chance to wear cause by the time I got around to putting them on you I couldnt squeeze you in them. You are almost in the same size diapers as your big brother! You have passed up your OLDER cousins in diaper size as well! You LOVE solid food! You eat solids 3 times a day. You still arent a fan of many veggies. Especially green ones! You gag and shake every time we give them to you, Its pretty funny actually. You are a really happy baby most of the time. You only get fussy when you are hungry or tired. Sleeping through the night still needs some work though. We all love you so very much!! Please quit growing so fast baby girl!!!
Love, Mommy

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brigette said...

Holy cow shes getting big. Such a cutie! Cant believe its already been 7 months. I nominated you for a blog award on my blog check it out.