Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 18, 2013

Growing Up

We have had a plan for a while that when Jay was able to touch the top and bottom of his car bed within an inch or 2 we would get bunk beds and Jay would get one and Maddie would get one. Even though he wasnt quite tall enough the opportunity came up that we were able to buy a really nice and sturdy log wood bunk bed set that also separated so that we could use them as 2 twins instead of bunk beds right now. Anyways we got them on Saturday and the kids were SO excited! We then moved Jays car bed to Kamdyns room but left his crib up cause I wasnt sure he was ready for a big boy bed yet. Well I was wrong. He has done GREAT! He whines for a couple minutes and gets out for a bit but then puts himself back in bed and falls right to sleep. In fact we will be moving the crib into our room this weekend for Brynlee! Im so excited!! The kids all love their new beds!! Its so crazy cause in their other beds they looked so big yet now they all look so small in their new beds.

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brigette said...

So fun to get new beds!! They are growing right up!!