Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day!

Im not a huge Valentines fan. I have the thinking that I rather Kamrin surprise me with flowers or whatever he chooses to surprise me with to show me he is thinking of me and loves me on any other day of the year then the one day he is "supposed" to. Dont get me wrong I love getting spoiled and being told what I mean to him even on that day but I just rather him do huge celebrations or surprises on other days cause lets be honest its not really a surprise receiving something from your loved one on Valentines Day. With that said I dont let my kids know Im not a fan of it and I still make it fun and special for them. I know not every girl feels the way I do so I will teach my sons to pamper their girlfriends/wives that day. On Tuesday Kamrin walked it from work with beautiful flowers that were mostly purple cause its my favorite color and my favorite treat chocolate covered strawberries! I didnt expect it at all!! See thats the part I love the most!! I may or may not have eaten every single strawberries that night :-)
Valentines morning I got the kids ready and took the oldest 2 to school. They both were so excited for their parties and to hand out the Valentines they had picked. When they got home from school they showed each other all the cards and candy they had got. That night for dinner I made our traditional meal. When Kamrin and I first met our first romantic dinner I put together for him I made malibu chicken and ever since then thats what he requests for special occasions and every Valentines. It was very low key night and thats exactly how I love it! We will go out on a date soon but on Valentines we like being at home with our kids and not having to wait 2 hours to eat.
Horrible mom alert!! I somehow missed getting a pic of Jaydan :-(

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brigette said...

Looks and sounda like a great valentines day!!