Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Month Letter

Oh my goodness little baby we are only 2 months away from your first birthday!! How is that even possible?!?! I swear you were just born and you were so tiny and now look at you. You are now off oxygen again and Im so thankful for that. No more RSV and no more hospital stays this month yay! There was one emergency you went through this month though. Daddy took all 4 of you kids out so mommy could get some laundry folded and there was a bit of an accident with you. You were in our baby swing on the play set and sister was pushing you. She went to run under you and the way she it the swing it tipped and even with being strapped in and had the plastic piece over you, you still managed to fall completely out and landed on the hard ground. We were so worried about your head. Daddy thought you landed right on your head. We watched you for quite a while and man you were so angry. You weren't just crying you were SCREAMING! We fed you some of your favorite treats and that still wasn't helping too much. Daddy made you a bottle and when you went to grab it you were screaming at the top of your lungs. I knew at that point you were in bad shape and needed to be seen. I went to change you and noticed you weren't using your left arm at all and it was just dangling to your side. We took you to an urgent care to get you checked out and get your arm xrayed and sure enough you had a crack in your bone right below your shoulder. Luckily it didn't break all the way through and there was still some of your bone intact. Where it was broke there is no way to cast it especially on an infant. Luckily infants bones heal at super speed. You didn't use your left arm for the next couple days but it didn't take long at all for you to get back to normal. You are now just under 22 pounds! So chunky!! I adore how chunky you are and I hope you stay this way for a long time!! You are loving trying big people food. You want to eat everything we do. You LOVE feeding yourself but thankfully you haven't got to the point where you wont let us feed you too. I know that day is coming though. You are so mobile. You know how to get where you want. Binee (Remember that's what Kamdyn calls you) you are such a joy! You are SO funny! You are SO adorable and I love every little piece of you! I am so thankful Im your mom!! Happy 10 months of being in this crazy family! Time to start planning your 1st birthday party!!!
Love, Mommy

Trying to help your friend Jack escape his seat

You can do the splits!

Pulling up on furniture

I know you were sad but oh my that is the CUTEST pouty face EVER!!!
Big girl car seat

Love your siblings so much

Helping mommy with laundry
First time in a big girl high chair at a restaurant

Good morning
This is how hard it is to take your monthly pictures now....


Not even one looking at the camera! Good thing you are so cute :-)

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brigette said...

Holy cow time goes by so quick!! Happy 10 months cant believe its been that long. Such a cutie!!