Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brynlees 9 Month Pictures

Since Brynlee was on oxygen when she turned 9 months then broke her arm we had to put off her pictures for a couple weeks but finally were able to do them and they were so worth the wait!! As usual she did amazing and took the cutest pics ever!! I must brag for a minute but I have seriously been SO lucky with my kids when it comes to pictures! They take the best pictures and always do the pose we want right in cue! When we took the youngest 3 back in January the people at Foto Fly said how amazing they were. Only a good shoot when everyone is cooperating they usually get 50-80 good pics for the cd. Well with doing all 2 we got almost 200 that were good enough for the cd!!!! That said that amazing for just 1 kid let alone 3!!! Anyways back to Brynlee.  Kamrin has been on a mission to think of unique things to do from now on for our photo shoots so for Brynlee he decided we needed a fun way to should off her chunky body. He got a huge cookie and 2 chocolate bars and we stripped her down and let her have at them. It was so cute! Last minute he rushed her an empty can of Mt Dew to make it look like she was washing down her treats. He was so proud of himself. What a goof ball. Here are some of my favorites!

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brigette said...

So adorable!!! The cookie ones crack me up! So cute!