Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Maddies Preschool Graduation

We decided to put Maddie in the preschool through the school district this year instead of taking her to my aunts 3 years in a row and I think it was the perfect decision for her. She learned so much this year and is so prepared for Kindergarten. In all the testing she was way above what was expected for them to know. We had her tested at the school she will go to for kindergarten and she was accepted into all day kindergarten!! She is a smart and artistic girl. She can sit there for hours and hours coloring these perfect pictures where as Jaydan loses interest so fast and runs off to do something "funner" Im so proud of her and all she accomplished this year. Im pretty sad the year is over because I loved her teachers and I really loved the preschool program there. They had such a cute and fun way of teaching them. Goodbye preschool hello Kindergarten!

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brigette said...

Such a pretty girl shes all grown up!