Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 23, 2014

Recieving My Endowments

Even though Im still so far behind on my blog I wanted to blog about my very special night as soon as possible so that the feelings I felt and am still feeling are so fresh. This has been such a long and hard journey to get where I am today. For many years we were inactive. Neither of us ever doubted the gospel we just didnt make it a priority like we should have. Things happened in the past that we let stand in the way of being active. In January I decided I was finally ready to give my all to go to the temple to receive my endowments. I set up an appointment with my bishop to start the process. He suggested I take the temple prep class. Our ward doesnt have one set up on Sundays so he assigned a couple to come to our home once a week. It was our Sunday School teacher and his wife. We had gotten to know them a bit and were comfortable with them so I was excited they would be the ones teaching us. Even though Kamrin has been through the temple before the Bishop suggested we do the classes together and I am so glad we did. They really brought us so close spiritually. It was truly amazing. At the beginning of my process I hit a really hard patch. I struggled and questioned my decision to work to the temple. Felt like everything was going wrong. Felt like I had no control over my thoughts and emotions. One day I had hit my bottom with it. I couldnt stop sobbing. I remember I prayed 100+ times that day. Just small prayers to help me cope. Small prayers asking for strength to help me through the next 10 minutes, hour and to the next day. I text alot of people Im close to for comfort. I called my mom at work and asked her to put my name on the temple prayer roll. Deep down I knew it was Satan. I knew he was working me and wanting me to give up on my journey to the temple. I was getting close and he didnt like that. He didnt want me there. He doesnt want my family to be together forever. As hard as it was to endure to the end of that struggle my testimony grew from that. It made me communicate with my Heavenly Father alot more than I ever had in one day. I decided to continue my journey to the temple and in fact wanted to even more. There were 6 weeks of classes and I loved every single one of them. They brought a special spirit to my house every Monday night. After they were completed I set up an appointment with my Bishop and started the recommend process. We decided to do them all at the same time so he had Kamrin, the kids and I all go on a Sunday after church and we did our own interviews alone then talked to us as a family. That Wednesday just Kamrin and I went to talk to the Stake President. The next day I called the temples to set dates and times for my endowments and for our sealing. I set up to receive my endowments Saturday May 31st at the 8pm session. I was told to arrive at 630pm. I decided I wanted to receive my endowments at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for a couple different reasons. I had heard that the new movie was amazing and that the live one at the Salt Lake temple is longer and for the first time around alot of people suggested doing a movie temple. The Oquirrh Mountain temple is the one that is closest to our home so I wanted to go to that one. Im so glad I did. It was gorgeous. The people there were amazing. As I walked in I was a huge ball of nerves. Once I got dressed in all white and they took me into the chapel to wait for my session to start I instantly became calm. There were alot of familiar faces in there waiting for me including my husband. As I sat down I looked up to this huge picture of Christ and just starting sobbing. I had made it. All that hard work and all those tears to get there and I was finally there. I had many people there to support me. Here is a list of those who were able to make it.

My mom
My sister Kim
My brother Shawn and his wife Suzanne
Kamrins mom
Kamrins sister Pashell
Kamrins sister Shaless and her husband Jared
My aunt Lorraine
Bishop Winder
President Kessler and his wife
Our temple prep teaches and now good friends Mack and Barbara Gilbert
My visiting teaching companion and friend Heather and her husband Aaron

I really hope Im not forgetting anyone! I was kind of in a fog that night just trying to soak it all up. My favorite part of the evening was meeting all my loved ones in the Celestial room and giving them all huge hugs! It was so beautiful there! I didnt wan to leave. I wanted to stay there and feel that way forever. It is a night I will never forget and will hold close to my heart forever!

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