Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Sealing Day

Saturday June 21, 2014 at 1:40pm Kamrin and I were sealed to each other for time and all eternity and then sealing to our 4 amazing children Jaydan, Madyson, Kamdyn and Brynlee. It was amazing. It was beautiful. It was perfect.

We put alot of work, time and planning to make sure our special day was as perfect as possible. We both come from pretty large families and we have alot of wonderful ward members and friends we wanted to share our day with. As we were writing our list of people we wanted at the sealing we noticed it filled up very quick and there was alot of people we wouldnt have room for and also had many people we wanted to share our day with that wouldnt be able to enter the temple so after talking in over we decided to do an open house so that we could celebrate with EVERYONE afterwards.

That morning Kamrin, Jaydan and Madyson went to the church to take all the food over and get as much of it prepared as possible. My friend Christi came over and did my hair and then Brynlees and as soon as Madyson got home she did hers. It was then time to get everyone dressed. We left here just before 11am. We didnt have to be there until 1155am but I wanted to do a few pictures in our church clothes in front of the temple just in case it didnt work out to take pictures after the sealing in all our white. As we went in and let them know we were there they took us down to the youth room where the kids would stay the whole time we were there until it was time for them to be sealed. We got special permission to have my sister down there with them until it was time for Kamrin and I's sealing. We figured Kamdyn and Brynlee would be much better having someone they knew down there with them. They then took Kamrin and I to get dressed and then we sat in the Celestial room together until it was time to go meet our sealer. My mom works at the temple and asked on of the temple presidency members to preform our sealing and he accepted. Im so thankful he did. He was amazing. He was fun yet very spiritual at the same time. After we met him he took us up to sealing room 11 and there waiting for us was many loved ones. We chose Kamrins dad Dane and my brother Shawn to be our witnesses. We sat on a little couch and next to me was my mom and sister Kim and next to Kamrin was his mom and grandma. President Fillmore then talked to us for a while and every word was amazing. He really is an amazing man. He then told Kamrin and I to come knee at the alter across from each other and we were then sealed for time and all eternity. He then had Kamrin and I walk out to the hall together and greet the kids and when I first caught eye of them all dressed in white and they instantly looked up at us with huge smiles there are no words to describe the feeling that came over me at that exact second. I instantly sobbed. My heart was so full it was ready to burst. Not only was I just sealed to my very best friend minutes before but now we were walking our amazing children in the room to be sealed to them also. With Brynlee being so little they had someone hold her at the alter and help her hold her hand on ours and we chose my sister Kim to be the one at the alter with us. The 2 adorable things I want to share about the actual sealing to our children are when we got all situated and were all connected by our hands across the alter all the sudden in her sweet innocent little voice Brynlee said "Hi Mama" a couple times. It made me smile and cry all at the same time. Also as we were being sealed I was looking at my husband then each of my children one by one and as I got to Jaydan he had tears running down his face. I was already crying the entire time but seeing that made my tears flow even faster and harder. That night as I was tucking him in to bed and I asked him what was making him cry and he told me he felt something in his heart that he didnt know what it was and also he had so much happiness at that moment built up in him he had to get some of it out with tears. Hearing him describe that to me made the tears start flowing again! He is such an amazing kid and Im so happy for him that he got to feel what we were feeling at that moment. After the sealing we stood by the couch as each one of our guests were able to come give us big hugs and there were even more tears at that moment. We then went to get our street shoes on so we could go outside and take pictures outside in all our whites. I wasnt very hopefully we would get many because it was the last day the Salt Lake temple would be open until August so they were extremely busy! There were people everywhere! As we walked out one of the staircases were free so we ran for it and were able to go get some great pictures. We then went and took the kids back to the youth room to get them dressed back in their own clothes and we also went and got changed. I again didnt want to leave. I love that place. We then were in a mad dash to get back to Magna for our open house. We pulled out of the conference center parking lot at 315pm and our open house was starting at 4pm at our ward building and we still had to set up all the tables. We made it there at 350pm and luckily we had my brother and his family waiting for us and they were amazing enough to help us set up. People started showing up right as we were bringing out all the food. Talk about perfect timing! We had SO many people come to support us! We originally only set up 8 tables and soon realized that wouldnt be enough for our guests so we ended up setting up 12 and they were all pretty full at 1 time or another, We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful people who love us and support us in our lives. It even ended up running passed 6pm because we still had so many people there. After it was over our amazing families worked together and had that place cleaned up so fast so we could come home and relax from our crazy busy day.

I will never forget this day. I will cherish it forever and ever. I will always remember the look on peoples faces. I will always remember how I felt. I will always remember how my children looked. I will always remember what Kamrin and I shared together in the Celestial room. I will always hold it close to my heart.

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lynisom said...

It certainly was the perfect day. So glad I got to be a part of it. Love you all.