Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My No Girl!!

Maddie has a new favorite word....NO! She says it ALL the time and it drives me crazy!! I will ask her 10 different things and she always tells me no yet the second I ask if she wants a treat or candy she says yes so I know she knows the difference! Maddie was such an easy baby. Much easier then Jaydan. Since she turned 1 she has been such a challenge for me! She is such a mean bully! I always feared Jay would pick on her but oh no its the other way around. She does everything Jay never did. She hits, scratches, throws herself back while screaming and even started biting. I dont know if this is a girl thing or a second child thing or what!! Dont get me wrong she is not always like that but as she gets older it has got more frequent. I wish i knew how to get her to chill out a bit. She is such a cute little girl but man she is mean! Here is a sample of her NO NO NO!


The Pendletons said...

Yo mamma. NO! LOL

The Pendletons said...

Speaking of... You should video that and do a post.

Sparker said...

Hahahaha... it probably comes from the Hammond side. My mom says I was her worst toddler ever! But with how well I turned out, that should give you hope...right?

Wall family said...

Your in trouble!!