Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Too Smart For His Own Good!!

Mommy "Jaydan we are going to learn to only go potty in the toilet so you dont have to wear yucky diapers anymore and you can wear big boy underwears like..... (I named ALOT of people)"

Jaydan "No I wanna wear my diapers still for long long time"

Mommy "No they are gross and mommy doesnt like changing them"

Jaydan "Yes you do"

Mommy "How about you become a big boy so you can have a big birthday party cause babies dont have birthday parties"

Jaydan "Yes they do, baby Maddie had a big butterfly party"

DANG IT!! He is too smart to trick!!!


Ryan and Anna said...

sorry to say this, but i was laughing the whole time i was reading!

Wall family said...

I feel your pain :)

The Pendletons said...

That's funny