Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Week Of Being Pregnant!!

Its set! If this little guy doesnt come on his own (he wont) he will be evicted next Monday November 15th! Its all set with the hospital and all! I am supposed to call the hospital at 6:30am to make sure they have a bed open at that time then head in. I cant tell you how excited I am!! These last few weeks have been a huge roller coater and have been very painful. My body knows how to do the whole hard contractions every couple minutes but when it comes to them actually making me progress like I need to it doesnt get the concept. For some reason even with starting contractions really early and even to the point they have to stop them when it comes time I can never go into the full labor thing on my own. Im just so excited to have a light at the end of this tunnel! I had an ultrasound on Friday to check my fluid and his growth because I started losing weight and my stomach has measured the same for over 2 weeks. Fluid was good. Kamdyns head and brain were great in size but his body was about a week and a half behind. My doc went over it all with me today and said he was measuring in the 29th percentile at 5 lbs 14 oz. I still think he will be my biggest baby even though he will still be little. By this time next week I could be holding my new baby!!! Cant wait!!!!

Sorry its blurry its a pic of a pic

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