Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kamdyns Birth

On Monday November 15, 2010 at 6am I called St Marks hospital to see what time I was supposed to arrive to be induced. They told me to go in at 7:30am so I finished getting ready and woke Kamrin and the kids up to get ready also. We loaded the kids up and took them to my grandmas so they could go to preschool with her and my aunt. Once we got to the hospital they got me checked in and took me to my room to get me hooked up to the machines and ivs.I tested positive for strep b so they had to run a few bags of antibiotics through my iv before he was born. They started the pitocin out slow so I wouldnt progress too fast before I got 2 bags of the antibiotics in me. Around 1pm everything started moving ahead. They started my 2nd bag of antibiotics so thats when they gave me my epidural and my doctor came in and broke my water. At that point I was dilated to a 4. It seemed to go slowly for me still. I was dilating a cm every hour or so. Around 4:45pm my doctor came in to check me and I was at a 6. He feared I would go fast from that point and he had a c section at a different hospital at 5 so he had them half my pitocin. He called when he was on his way back and they increased it again. The bad part of that was when the decreased it, it pretty much stopped my contractions so they had to get them going which seemed to take forever. When my doctor got back and checked me I was at an 8 so I didnt think it would take much longer but it still was a couple hours after that before I was ready to push. I finally was ready to start pushing just before 9pm. I was expecting having to push only a couple times because with Maddie I only pushed for 8 minutes and she was born. I was not so lucky this time though. His face was turned the wrong way which was making it hard for him to come down the birth canal. Once he got to the point my doctor could flip him the right direction I only pushed 3 times and he was out! Even with him being stuck I only pushed for about a half hour which is alot better then the 2 hours with Jay! This birth was alot different then my other 2. With Jaydan my mom and sister Kim were in the room. With Maddie my mom, Kim and Kamrins mom were in the room and for this one we decided to just have it be Kamrin and I in the room. Another difference was Kamrin convinced me to have the mirror down so I could watch him being born too which I had never done before. That was a really neat experience. Not that its pleasant to see what your body goes through to have a baby but my favorite part was the moment he crowned and I knew he was so close to joining us in the worst. It was also amazing because the second he crowned both Kamrin and I shared a moment together and started crying. Having it just be us 2 was an amazing bonding experience! So after about a half hour of pushing Kamdyn Dane Hammond made his entrance at 9:21pm on November 15, 2010. He weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 20 inches long. He was my biggest baby by over a pound. Right after he was born Kamrin went and got everyone that was waiting in the waiting room. Jaydan and Madyson were here which was very special to me. My mom, Kim, Kamrins mom, grandma and 2 youngest brothers were also there. Since it was already late they didnt stay long. Once they left Kamrin and I got to spend some alone time with our new son. After the nurse took me up to my room Kamrin went to the nursery to give him his first bath. At that point it was after midnight and we both were starving so Kamrin went driving around trying to find somewhere that was open to get us food. I chose YUMMY Sconecutters and he got food from a Mexican restaurant. After I was full I thought I would sleep GREAT since I hadnt slept much the night before and I did just have a baby so hey I was pretty tired but boy was I wrong! My nurse kept coming in to see if I wanted to try and go to the bathroom but I didnt feel like I needed to even after a few hours and ALOT to drink. Even after 2 Percocets and an Ibuprofen 800 I was in so much pain that I couldnt sleep. I dont remember it hurting like that even after taking the pain pills. The pain just got worse and worse. When my nurse came in cause she was concerned I hadnt gone to the bathroom she checked my stomach since I said I was in so much pain. Sure enough my bladder was SO swollen and shoved up farther then it should be. She got me up and tried to get me to use the restroom but after 10 min of trying and nothing happening she decided it was time to drain my bladder for me. Ill spare you all the details but lets just say it was FULL and ready to burst. After many failed attempts and many different trick I finally was able to get my bladder to function correctly again but it took alot of time and pain til it did. I didnt have anything like that happen with my other 2. It was so miserable! All that really happened after that til we were able to go home was lots of visitors and the normal hospital stay after having a baby. We were able to go home around 11am on Wednesday. We went and picked up the kids from preschool on our way home and it was off to start our new journey with 3 kids!!

Waiting to become a big sister!

Doing a puzzle with aunt Kim to pass time

Gran and Connor waiting to meet the new little one

Landis,Hamma, Jaydan and Grandma Nette in the waiting room

Mommy getting ready to push
He is here!!

He has triple the hair my other 2 had!

Meeting her new brother

With mommy

Proud daddy
First bath

He LOVED his bath

Daddy giving him his bath

So relaxed

All clean

Loves his hands on his face

So cute!

Ready to go home

Leaving the hospital

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