Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthdays And Family Fun

Tower of frosting

Maddies creation

On Sunday Feb 13th we have 2 family members birthdays. Its Kamrins sister Shaless' and my siter Kims birthday. We had our normal family dinner with Kamrins family and it landed on Kamrin and I's turn to host it so I decided to let Shaless pick what she wanted since it was her birthday after all. She chose tacos so I would make queso dip which is super yummy so good choice Shaless :-) After eating, having birthday cake and hanging out for a while everyone left and we headed to my brothers house for Kims birthday dinner. We didnt eat since we were still full but we did have the super yummy dessert. We also decorated Valentines cookies. We have started decorating cookies or cupcakes for most holidays with my family and its becoming one of my favorite tradtions. For 1 my sister Steph is the BEST baker around and her cupcakes, cakes, frosting and any dessert for that matter is absolutely amazing!! Im so glad I dont have her talent because I would eat way too much and make myself so sick on all those yummy desserts!! Plus being with family and making those great memories is what this life is all about. I truly have such an amazing bond with my family and my in laws and I feel so blessed to be a part of these amazing families. I hope that Shaless and Kim both had a very good birthday!! We love you both!!!

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