Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kamrins Birthday

Kamrin took the whole week of his birthday off work to spend time together, get some projects done to get our house on the market and look for a new job. On his birthday I went to McDonalds to get his favorite breakfast sandwich the McGriddle. We spent a while at home together then I took the oldest 2 to the dentist for their 6 month check ups and Kamrin and the baby stayed here to get a couple things done. I was so happy when the dentist told me both kids are cavity free! Yay! On our way home from the dentist we stopped at Burger King to get Kamrin the new burger with jalapenos baked in the patty cause he wanted to try it really bad and also we stopped to get him a cake, ice cream and his favorite soda. The kids were fighting over what kind of cake to get him. Jaydan thought he would like a spiderman one and Maddie thought he would want a Hannah Montana one :-) I tried to explain that daddys dont need characters on their cakes but they just looked at me with this whatever look on their faces. Kamrin is hard to but a cake for with all the premade cakes and cupcakes stores make. He doesnt like buttercream frosting which is what all premade ones are made of! At the 2nd store I found 1 piece of cake that had the whipped frosting he likes so I got him that even though it was decorated for Valentines. I them got the kids a 2 pack of cupcakes with character rings and Kim and I a giant cupcake to share since she was going to watch my kids and would be there when we sang Happy Birthday to him. Complicated cake shopping huh!! At least the ice cream and vanilla coke shopping was easy! When we got home to surprise him with his treats and lunch I asked him what he wanted to do til our sitter got here. Being the wonderful daddy he is he wanted to bundle the kids up and take them to the park down the street to drive their power wheels for a while. The kids had such a blast and smiled the entire time! I drove down to keep the baby in the van so he was nice and warm. After we got home we had a dance party. We turned my ipod on and all danced around crazy. Once my sister got here Kamrin and I went shopping to find the babys blessing outfit and a few other places Kamrin wanted to go. We then went to Q4U a BBQ place that is YUMMY!! We both got stuffed! Then it was tine to go home and celebrate with the kids. They had decorated the wall with crepe paper for him. They were so excited to show him! After eating our random cake assortment it was time to put the kids to bed and just relax the rest of the evening. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!

Playing in the ship waiting for the dentist

Jay had no cavities!

Neither did Maddie!

Following them in the van to the park

4wheeling in the mud

Driving to me

Keeping warm in the van

Having a blast!


My dancing queen!

Enjoying his BBQ

The wall the kids decorated for their daddy

Eating super sour candy :-)

Our random desserts for his birthday!

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brigette said...

What a fun birthday!! Lookds like your kids and mine go to the same dentist. They are awesome there!!