Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Our Easter was wonderful! The kids were so excited to walk up and hear that the Easter Bunny had stopped by our house. They LOVED all the treats and presents he left for them. There was a trail of Sixlets in the living room and I told the kids must have been hopping too wild and they fell out of his basket. That sure made then giggle! Maddie said "That silly crazy bunny" :-) After checking out all their prizes they noticed the crazy silly bunny left eggs all over the living room and play room so they went on a hunt for them all. We then got them all ready and headed to Kamrins grandmas for brunch and that crazy silly bunny hid some eggs there too! Those eggs were money eggs!! We spent most of the day there then headed to my aunts for dinner and ANOTHER egg hunt! They kids were very spoiled!! It was a great day with our families!!

Seeing the Easter Bunny came!

Look at all those presents!!

Happy 1st Easter my adorable Kamdyn!

Finding all the eggs in their play room

Look at all those eggs!

Making sure she got them all

Showing me all their eggs

I love them!!

They love each other so much

So thankful they are mine!!

My handsome little men!




Finding money eggs at Grans

Even Kamdyn found one

Finding eggs in the flowers

Getting ready for the egg hunt at my aunts

Starting the hunt

Racing for eggs

My beauty

Taking a break to slide

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brigette said...

What a fun Easter!!