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Our Family

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Little Gym

I have been wanting to get Jaydan and Madyson into something other then school especially cause school is over for summer in May. Jaydan has been talking about wanting to karate and Maddie has wanting to try out dance. I googled toddler dance in Salt Lake and a place called The Little Gym popped up. I was checking out their website and the more I read the move I fell in love with it! They offer Cheer leading, gymnastics, dance, karate, sport skills class and much more! I called to get prices and info and she told me they offer a free introductory class so you can see what its all about first hand and see if you like it. She got Jay and Maddie signed up and asked if I had any other children. When I told her I had a 4 month old and she told me they offered a class for him also. I had to giggle cause really the thought of putting a 4 month old in a class like that seemed so silly to me. I figured I would try in out since they offer the free class anyways just for my curiosity more then anything. We had to cancel our first set of our free classes due to the evil stomach flu. The next week we were able to go though. Jaydan had his first. On Tuesday at 1:15 I took him to his try out class. For the free try out one they set them up with the gymnastics one. They start the class on the big red mat, sing songs and do a warm up. After the warm up they blew up this huge bouncy thing and did different moves on that. After that they do different stations where they learn different things and practice on all the equipment. Jaydan was huge smiles the entire time! I knew I had found the place for them to go. After the class I talked to the lady and signed them up. The second we got to the car Jaydan asked when he got to go back :-) The next day was Maddies turn. She also was smiles then entire time. The neat thing about this place is each week is different and the focus on different things. Another neat thing is how the whole program works. They gave me a card like a Smiths Fresh Values card and you get to earn points on it and use those points on different things. They do birthday parties there also! You get the whole place to yourself for your party too! Also they have what they call parent survival nights where you can take your kids there and all the wonderful instructors watch them and play with them while you go out on a date, do your grocery shopping or whatever else you wanna do! The staff there is so very sweet and AMAZING with little kids! Now it was time to try out this 4 month old class. I was very excited to see what it was like. I loved it! Kamdyn loved it! He smiled so much and did everything great! The instructor took him alot to use him as the example baby because he did so good and never cried at all. He commented how Kamdyn was so comfortable with his body because usually when babies get flipped they hold their head up as long as possible where as Kamdyn would tuck his head down perfectly. The fun thing about Kamdyns class is its a mommy and me class and I loved doing it with him. I also loved talking with the other moms and talking to all their cute babies too. I love The Little Gym and I am so very glad I found it! My kids love it there! I love it there! Its a win win all around!!

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brigette said...

Sounds like a great place! Glad they love it!!