Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 1- Picture Of Yourself With 10 Random Facts

(Im a horrible wife and couldnt find a pic of him by himself)

1. I worked in catering for 11 years
2. Im the oldest of 6 kids
3. I proposed to my wife at 4:30am
4. I served a mission in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Africa
5. I learned some of the clicking language there
6. I will eat pretty much any kind of food put in front of me
7. Im the only boy under 6' in my family
8. I wrestled in high school
9. I am not a big fan of sweets
10. I want to take my family to Africa someday


1. Im a very girly girl
2. Im a textaholic
3. Im a stay at home mommy
4. I have OCD when it comes to how our clothes are folded and put away
5. My favorite store is Babies R Us
6. Im the youngest of 5 kids
7. I have insomnia
8. Im a worry wort
9. I love ranch
10. Im a pretty picky eater


1. I would play video games 24/7 if my mommy would let me
2. I am going to start Kindergarten in a couple months
3. My favorite color is yellow
4. I am a mommys boy
5. I want a Star Wars bday party this year
6. I got my mommys insomnia
7. I love singing
8. Im a huge flirt
9. I love pickles
10. Im the runt like my daddy


1. Im all girl
2. I have my daddy wrapped around my finger
3. I am obsessed with Tangled, Hannah Montana and Little Mermaid
4. I would eat chesse for every meal if mommy would let me
5. Im obsessed with dresses and shoes
6. I have a very fiesty personality
7. Im a little mommy to my brothers
8. My favorite color is pink
9. I love going to gymnastics
10. Im pretty shy


2. Im getting really good at rolling over
3. Im a mommys boy
4. I smile the second I see my big brother or sister
5. I love sucking my thumb despite mommys efforts to stop me
6. I love my jumperoo
7. I love chewing anything in sight
8. I dont do very well in large crowds or noisy places
9. I just learned that spitting is a blast
10. Im SOOOOOOO adorable :-)

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